23-24 MAR 2022

McCormick Place, Chicago

23-24 MAR 2022

McCormick Place, Chicago

Innovation & Technology

Where The Market Is Headed

As the global battery industry continues to expand (growth expected to reach as much as USD 426 billion worldwide within the next decade) and costs of energy storage potentially falling between 66% and 80%, the need for the latest battery technology, tools, and solutions are more pertinent than ever for companies within the industry.

The Battery Innovation Expo will allow attendees to discover the latest developments, research and ground-breaking results that will transform the way batteries are created, stored, managed, and disposed, along with the expanding energy sector and the opportunities for increased revenue with renewable energy.

Industry Transformations In One Location

The innovation & technology showcase will provide an excellent opportunity for Public and Private sector professionals to interact with the industry’s global leaders and discover more cost effective ways to store and create batteries, more efficient methods of maintaining a charge and safety, and cleaner energy alternatives.

Our Keynote Speaker lineup, Masterclasses and Investment Opportunities are just a few of the incredible features to showcase and provide educational seminars on the innovations taking place at The Battery Innovation Expo.

Industries Highly Focused In Battery Technology:

  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Agriculture
  • Defense/Govt
  • Transportation
  • Communications/Telecommunications
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Utility
  • Security
  • Energy Storage

  • Innovations on the Horizon:

    • Solid-State batteries
    • New lithium-ion developments or alternatives
    • Gold nanowiring advancements
    • Battery integration for automotive technology
    • Recycling & replacement
Workmen on Solar Panels